All the seams unzipped
(nothing really ripped)
just fell apart neatly
As if an alarm had gone off
and everything jumped to
It is the time to re-assess
reform with regard
and reassemble
Discover a more efficient
assemblage of components


Expanding her identity
to include more of her actual self
actually shrank the outer visage
As excess fluff blew away
allowing for more efficient organization
more compact by nature
“Ideally,” she thought
“I’d like to be right sized.”
And, so, she was…

Wave of Discovery

Riding on the wave of discovery
the small crab tried scooting sideways,
as he was want
Yet, he discovered
that inspirational epiphany
was simple enough
yet quite useful
And, that awareness led directly
to all the motivation to move
he could ever muster

No Pedestals

No pedestals here
neither above nor below
before nor behind
Simply two unique individuals
side by side
No pedestals here
and no glass case, either
it’s all rather simple
You, me
discovering together
Mad Dog

Mad Dog

Mad dog barking
at the gate
Ready to burst free
rush past implements of reason
Enter the wilderness
in feral abandon
Sink toes in mud
and staunch the wild storm
running with the wind…
So, where’s your mad dog at the moment?