Brilliant Star

Like bone buttons
on a dark blue velvet vest
we stood out with depth
As brilliant stars on a moonless night
danced across the conciousness
One tiny speck, all bright and blue
whirled and twirled
with uncommon shyness and innocence
And complete disregard
of looks askance
or references to misbehavior
For all her beauty
and heartfelt love shone
far brighter than the rich
depth of her worldly experience


Others may spot
a vein of your gold
AND it is up to you
to work your own mine
• • • 
Meanwhile, your Spirit shines
when you least expect
Innocence peeking
from twinkly eyes…

Pulling the Plug

My creative Spirit has a query…

Who pulled the plug?

It seems the colors

all without pomp

or circumstance at all

simply drained out

Greyness, shades of greyness

and misty coldness midst the grey

• • •

It must be time for washing

bathe the palette properly now

And charge it up

with brand new colors

come Spring

Serious and Goofy

At the core
in the heart of our hearts
it’s strong and resilient
bright and warm
an abundance of Love
Foo foo frillys and other sillies
just add layers of texture
to our rich, rich life
Serious and goofy
lovey and loopey
Growing older on the outside
while more young
and free inside


Spirit Seed

At the center
Of the daisy
Just like the sunflower
Is the seed for more
More Spirit
Manifest as daisy
At your center
Is the seed
For more Spirit
Manifest as you

Let them grow!