The Story

The Story

The story goes without moving
takes us on a journey
through time and space
without ever leaving our seat
And when it is complete
our bodies believe we’ve been
in spite of the cricks and stiffness
due to lack of actual movement

Time to step out of the story
and go for a walk

Paths of Heart

Paths of Heart

All times past have gathered now
With naught but troubled mind
To whisper judgements on the now
while paths of heart we find
Seeking peace and joy and love
each day in stillness flight
And knowing brightness of the day
throughout the darkness of night


I surrender my stubborness
In doubt, I take it back
I give up my attachments
In nostalgia, I re-attach
I forgive those trespassers
In resentment, I chew some more
I release the need to control
Fear wells up with rules
I surrender my will over and over
Then in denial or lack, I fall once more
And so the dance goes…
I surrender again


Else, ever seeking without end
ever gathering things of men
ever groping in darkness then

Should I not awaken
from slumber’s dream
release the illusion
of what life seems

…So, I step out on faith
with love-filled heart, I lift my eyes
enter the peace with silent sighs
of blessed grace

Window to Her World

Like invisible cellophane
the window to her world
would flex and move
with her every movement,
yet restricted and
kept her from
the full experience…
Until the day
she closed her eyes
and stepped outside
She awoke to brilliance that day…