Hello Hawk

Hawk ducked under
the low trees in the backyard
to do a little dance
and say hello
Ruffle the feathers, turn around
shake the tail, bow and dip
stare for a bit and turn again
Hawk says “hi’
then soars again

Guiding Hawk

Hawk sat there in the small tree
squawking at me, low and near
Calling to my senses awakening
“This way, come this way,”he said
with his actions and his stance
Leaving perch with flutter and squawk
he led me to my inner knowing
As he headed east in guiding bursts
blazed the path to heart’s destination
in the wilderness, the middle of nowhere
Through desolation and unknown feelings
to a place where light and belonging merged

The Hawk

On the sun-bleached fencepost
near the gnarled knot
sat the resting red-tail hawk
in her favorite warming spot

Unnoticed by the passing cars
in her silent vigil there
her ruffled feathers beautiful
eyelids muffling her intense stare
I salute the wild hawk
and all the flying beings!