intense below the surface
vibrant at its center
like a fiery rainbow
misting through the cells
feelings permeated
infiltrated, illuminated
charged the moment
upon expression
created movement
instigated experiences
catalyzed growth

Spirit Peace

Peace will 
each day
we let it 
in our hearts
Spirit sparkles
through your eyes
like amber diamonds
full of rainbows
of soul deep 

She Changes Everything…

“She changes everything touches…
and everything She touches changes…”

Scurrying like a rabbit
up through fairy-lit mountain passes
rain and wind and trees dancing
The rainbow got more brilliant
with attention doubled
interacting traveling, too
And, as an exclamation point
lightening struck right through
the middle of the colors
In a circle of friends, wild hair flying
arms entwined as they communed
their voices rang out
A cacophony in unison
and the world shifted
in the blink of a miracle
Rainbow Dancer

Rainbow Dancer

Originally I did this mixed media piece by hand years ago. It became water damaged and tattered. Tonight I decided to rejuvenate it. It relates to my willingness to stand in who I am and live up to my full potential and I feel empowered by it. I actually did bellydance in Hollywood, by the way… and Cucamonga!

Spirit Wind

Spirit Wind

Like a wisp of smoke
on the wind
My prayers
lifted into Spirit
Only to manifest
as rainbows in my heart