Inspired Compassion

Wandering thoughtfully
‘midst the wilderness of Spirit
wrapped in cloaks of reason
in times of discontent

There came the moment
of inspired compassion

It bent the senses
just a tweak or two
until dialed into radiance
at the cracking of a smile

Ephemeral Presents

Cellophane passages
written in bright
Fill up the daytime
carve through the night
It isn’t for me to know
nor ever to be
It wasn’t forever
nor ours to keep
Ephemeral presents
continually new
Patchwork consciousness
woven intently for you


From whence, inspiration?
Breathe in and open with prayer
Breathe out and out it flows
Every part of creation
breathes and bathes and is
part of creation

Blessed by the presence of Divine
unmistakably filled,
surrounded by grace

Face of the Divine

And so, the one reflects the other
in essence, if not circumstance
bound by threads of common theme
and modes of seeking truth
I saw there
in the perfect light
your face in all

A visage of Divine
uncompromising beauty