God Box

God Box

I have a little nest
a woven bed of God thoughts
by the song of my heart
prayers, releases
requests for clarity
clear guidance
all within the fancy house
a jeweled abode
carved by the story
of my life


New Prayer

New Prayer

my prayers changed
my sense
of wonder
my faith
new vistas
a new path


What Do You Say?

“Embrace the impossible,”
was all that she said

Yet like a digging vole
it got ensconced within his head

So blessings came and went

and miracles happened when knees bent

Life stretched to encompass
experience rich and deep
whenever ideas and actions

like a fine cup of tea steeped

• • •

One word, two, or maybe, three

can change the world, and do
every day, all the time

So, what do you say?

Thoughts in Kind

With single-minded purpose
all things can be accomplished
In what purpose are you
investing your thoughts?

Wings of Hope

On the wings of hope
her ideas SOARED
certainty sprouted
from every fiber
Bolstered by prayers 
and elements 
hijacked from previously 
broken attempts
still useful in high places
And, ever resting like content cows
on a foundation of constant chewing