“Don’t get snagged for long,” she said.

“On sharp little thoughts aggrieved

or spent on consternations path,

For every pulled thread provides a 

God line, a reminder of our humanity,

and still the weaving, warp and weft,

continues to describe the pattern of our lives.”

I’ve been doing my creative work without posting it (for the most part) for the last several years, because I was working on pulling all of my different websites together into this one. Recently, my husband found another stash of my Daily Napkins which had not yet been published. At the same time, I’ve been wanting to challenge myself to some “daily” creative practice once more. 

A lot of my recent work has involved layering – both directly on a canvas, and digitally with a variety of pieces of different original works. As in this one, I will post pics of the components, if I have time or inclination. 



I love it when I get to play, letting my imagination fly, letting images and words interact, fed by the muses, joined together in a fusion of moments of fancy. I love blessings. I love the blessings that arise in my heart when epiphanies embark on a road less traveled where even my simplest inspired impulses are safe to tread.

A Wave of Truth

A Wave of Truth

A wave of truth overcomes me

bubbling up with surges of joy

waving through my gut

altering all my understandings

• • •

How could I not be grateful?

I am awash in Love

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas

Yes, if you have looked through my site, you may have spotted this face before. It looked different. This is a new mollage using my images in a new composition. Some days I have bright ideas. Other days, not so much. Today, I am merely getting back on the steed. Without judgement (or at least without too much), I take the commitment leap once again. Begin again, and again, and once again again – whatever it takes to develop the habits that I wish to.

I am also working on combining blogs perhaps so that I can get more mileage out of my efforts.  I created this image for today’s Daily Napkin email, and thought I would share it here as well.  Oh, and here’s the napkin entry for today:

Bright Dream

The real thing
The truth shining through
Is obvious to the center
Where gut feelings are born
That clear truth
That speaks of everything
So apparent in anything
Shines light on the darkest corner
This bright dream
That wakes upon its dreaming
A beacon of hope’s veracity
Permeates each conscious hour_________________
Note from Dena –  Ever since my mom passed away, in early March, I have been experiencing a catharsis through grief, which also interrupted the publishing of the Daily Napkin. I believe the mending of the  fabric of my life adds richness and depth to my creative expression, even though the process causes lapses in my daily practices. 
Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

I’ve been working on some mandala ideas lately, and the endless cyclical nature of things as well as the tree of life. This image is one of the slides in a new video slide show. (My first YouTube slideshow!)