Embracing the Tell

Have you ever noticed…
Through the corner of your eye
or the edge of your hearing
without an inkling of a cause
except the tiniest tug in the gut
There on the periphery of perception
some truths lie in wait
 ever since pushed out of focus
on some long ago forgotten date
In an obscure attempt
to adjust with more accuracy
the lenses with a twist of fate
Else, guarding, in a simple
pursuit of happiness
and fed by delusions of denial
or other coping mechanisms
Those there –  tickling
the edges of our awareness
Embrace the tell, turn on the truth
and step into all of you…

Half Empty?

Sometimes, I see it
as 2/3 full
Other times
as ½ empty…
When I remember my gratitude
I suddenly discover
That it is whole
perfect and complete


Rumbly rumbly
something’s grumbly
all topsy-tumbly

And little bug rolls up
as very tight as he can
to hide himself
to ride the storm


If only good instincts
were always based on true perceptions
rather than skewed
by assumed and partial ones

Oh, what fun little bug would have then!

Be Still, My Speeding Heart

Inspired by blurred wings
of jeweled and joyous hummingbird
and the languid lurch
of true and intrepid turtle

My heart travels
at its own speed
as I journey through
spicy and bland
juicy and dry

And even when I stomp out
the sparks of fiery controversy
infecting my peaceful brain

Banks of Serenity

My mind is always floating
near the banks of serenity
Keep me, keep me in peace
as I walk through life’s dramas…