Be-Bop Buddha

Be-Bop Buddha

He’s a be-bop Buddha

snazzin’ that jazzin’

all the day…


Got tunes and licks

running round

in his brain


I’ve been doing my creative work without posting it (for the most part) for the last several years, because I was working on pulling all of my different websites together into this one. Recently, my husband found another stash of my Daily Napkins which had not yet been published. At the same time, I’ve been wanting to challenge myself to some “daily” creative practice once more. 

A lot of my recent work has involved layering – both directly on a canvas, and digitally with a variety of pieces of different original works. As in this one, I will post pics of the components, if I have time or inclination. 

Another Idea

Another Idea



I bought some transparent acrylics today, but have not had the opportunity to work with them yet. Another idea that I had was that I could paint and color my drawings digitally for my Spirit Paintings. I’ve done quite a bit of that with my pen drawing, but not so much really with pencil drawings. So, for today’s image I’ve re-worked my pencil drawing of my friend Greta with some canvas/paint texture and coloring. This could be a quicker, lesser cost alternative. Of course it would be a spirit portrait, not just a pencil drawing, but it appears the technique tests out  sort of ok.

Illustrators Blues

Illustrators Blues

Blues of Blues - Gelli Painting

I’ve illustrated several books, however, not all of them have been published.  I am in the process of completely reconfiguring my website so that I can feature more of my illustrations as well as offer my fine art work for sale right here on the website.

I’m really excited about this project because I figure it’s high time I do what I am a natural at, and what I love doing, rather than what I really suck at, and just suffer doing (web coding, for example – ARGH!) Still, I am not quite ready to completely give up the blues, yet, so I thought I’d sing them here about the fact that I cannot show you some of my better work (yet). La la la… OK, that’s it. All the blues I’ve got right now.

So, back to that web coding, and stuff like that.