There –
That still point within
Without which
All is chaos
There –
Is the home
Of your peaceful spirit

Peace On…

Limitless –
Such is the possibility
of inner peace
As much during the
noisiest, messiest, busiest
roiling and boiling
challenges and boisterousness
as during a dappled trek
through greening hidden meadow
by the trickling and gurgling
stream of inner consciousness
Peace on…

Finding Peace

An acre of paisley bushes
arranged since planting
in concentric circles and spirals
and other configurements

• • •

Entering the fantasy landscape
disfigured by misapplied thoughts
I can get lost in the maze
of twisty, turny constructs

• • •

And so, and thusly, I close my eyes
breathe deeply into my spine
rise above my own little thinking
To observe the beauty of complexity
from the distance of peace within

Deep Peace

There is an eternity in every moment

Throughout the day, take a moment

for prayer and reflection

There is unending peace there…


Deep peace rains
its misty blanket
upon my craziness

Each time
I check in with Spirit

Dancing Breezes

With birdlike beak, he sniffed the air
flapped his arms and stretched
then fluttered off to the next thought
which was very similar to the last
• • •
In a nest of pregnant stillness
where feathered thoughts circled
enough peaceful song arose
to keep him centered and content
• • •
On breezes still or dancing
his spirit soared in noisy silence
in anticipation of yet another day