Heaven’s Heart

I woke up this very morning
with a smile playing across my face
and a song singing
in my heart of hearts
While the melody of Spirit
plays within me
in this very moment
magic occurs, birds fly
And the stars burn
with fervent passion for life
ever renewed, quickening
in the heavens

Passionate Support

It was just kinda’ quirky
the way that system worked
Suddenly, there was a plethora
of passionate supporters
Cheering on her
every creative endeavor

White Hot Halo

Either a halo
or white hot wild fire

Hair flutters on unknown breezes
as he traverses the inner circle
winding up the altar of Life’s gifts

Passionate eyes ablaze with beauty
like shooting stars
riding on zephyrs of harmony

He is a vision of Shiva dancing
arms akimbo in directive gestures
grounding with each footfall
in gratitude for the Earth

He weaves the web of Live with voices
The song, Oh, the song of infinite Love

Such sweetness fierce
cracks open the heart with tears of delight

Happy 79th Birthday, Doug!

Lives of Passion

In the sea
of unconditional love
Near the shores
of peace and prosperity
The tranquil storm approaches
on the winds of sacred breath
Let us ride on wings of promise
to the land of contemplation
Let us live our lives of passion
in the world of Mystery’s creation

Bull doggin’

Bull doggin’

Bull doggin’ life
and chewing on the gristle
With a tenacity and focus
on ingesting every juicy bit
With the huff’n puffery
only the outward appearance
His heart beat strong
and kind…