Eternal Optimist

Ever the optimist
always doing the “right” thing
Waiting patiently
for the inevitable good ending
right outcome
Putting in ever more elbow grease
effort unceasing
Dealing with cards dealt
finding the lining
or at least hints of it
With smile and hope
and bits of sparkle

Cloudy Sky, Shining Sun

No matter
how cloudy the sky
little squirrel knew
somehow in his bones
that the sun
was still shining
and so approached the day
with his same sunny disposition

Miss Sunshine

Grey and wet, dark and drippy
an opportunity for umbrellas
and other implements
Still, in her heart,
she remains “Little Miss Sunshine”
without pretense
or props
Such is the blessing
of grace

Spring in the Step

Spring in the Step

The Daily Napkin

Spring in the Step

Feeling the delicate
touch of the false spring breeze,
he fell natural prey to optimism,
clearly lightening his step
and immersing him
in the joy of Spirit
within him