Wild Heart

He was qualified
to boast with his chest
his throat opened wide
As he called forth the Wildman
Like fire through the veins
With a voice so authentic
it shook the veils between realities
And landed gently
on the cracked open heart


Like cavorting dolphins
they flowed through life
seemingly carefree
With unabashed abandon
poking at turtles
and elbowing whales
•  •  •
Exuberance abounds
in my heart of hearts
When we allow our little kids
from inside into outside
to cavort and play

The Experience

Oh, it moved me
her song in earnestness
Yes, it moved me
It stirred me in my depths
clapping and dancing
we rose to celebrate
as it moved us
and the Song renewed our faith
Piano man
his fingers dancing
he was playing out Spirit
through the keyboard
and his heart
• • • 
hearts expanding wide
We each sharing our Spirit
individuals in community
a conscious community of Love


I surround myself with favorites
All that I relish
All that nourishes my spirit
All that empowers my strengths
I am filled with love
my heart embraced in sweetness
Joy overflows
loved ones all around
○ ○ ○
I release broken dreams
and old painful interpretations
of stories misunderstood
Opening to even more favorites
And, thus, I thrive

Crack the Door Open

There’s no need, dear heart
to stomp and storm
Nor declare loudly
your willingness to listen
Simply crack the door open
–that is all that’s necessary–
the light will flood through
Crack the door open
hear the symphony
in the silence
See the glorious light
throughout the dark