So Big

It’s so big, it’s so good
I stretch to contain it
until my heart feels it 
could burst
Then, I realize as
open up my real eyes
I can swim in it
I can be full of it
Permeated with all good
with only a thin skin
of personality
of me-ness within all-ness
It’s all so very luxuriously
one good – big good


With the noble intention
of soul to soul communication
Words and emotions drifted
through intricate filtering systems
Codified, classified, intensified
approved or laid to the side

• • •

Eventually, hearts speak
A row of strangers merges
into common denominators
Shared pain or laughter
mutual experience
seeps through filters

Ta Da!

Ta Da!
Today’s to do’s
are done, are done
And all the thinking throughs
have come and gone
And now what’s left
amongst the tailings
is fun, is fun
Twinkle-dee –doo
it’s some, it’s some
Big joyous experience
All One, all One…

Infinite Grace

Singing the glory
of all that life is
Dancing the body
in time to the heartbeat
All is part of infinite Grace
• • •
May your day be filled
with pleasant surprises
sprinkled with joyous encounters
 and punctuated with sweet
moments of peace

Energy in Motion

Raw emotion
(energy in motion)
moves the planet
the universe, our lives
• • • •o• • • •
All emotion a reflection OR deflection
of the One emotion we call Love
Energy in motion
relating to itself
• • • •o• • • •
The motion never ever stops
Always and ever
infilling the eternal Now