Joy in the Moment

Google “Joy” on that
internal search engine
and click, click, click!
Meanwhile, even in Cucamonga
life is only one moment at a time

Souls Path

The spiral of
our Soul’s path
Takes us ever
nearer the center
The One,
the all we never left
Meanwhile, even in Cucamonga
life is only experienced
one moment at a time
So, live it up, my friends

String of Days

Abandon not
your hopes of far reaches
In the day to day
keeping up of things
For each day, you can begin again
The happy striving
And begin again and again…
until before long, you’ll have a string of days

of hope and happiness

One Bite at a Time

Little spider
loves to gnaw
on his food
on his problems
on big soft pink mountains
like me
He gives a whole new meaning
to solving problems
one bite at a time

One Step…

“One step at a time…”
we’ve all heard the line

We know it’s true
it sits in our bones

Still, doesn’t it seem
that sometimes

We could just teleport
to our heart’s desire?