Next Moment

Needing to make it
to the next marker of time
Engaged in the activity
of an illustrious hour
or something more mundane
Meanwhile,  squirrels play
in the shiny sunlight
Red tail there, sparkling
in a dazzled kind of way
(certainly, not a mean way)
Light quickly dappling
upon the windows of my soul
as I wind up tighter and tighter
in my rush to get to the next moment

Howdy Partner

Partners in life (but not crime)
In celebration and growth
In sadness and sickness
In joy and contemplation
Partners in humor and dance
In cleaning and work
In entertainment and travel
In reverence and strength
Partners for now each day
In tomorrows and yesterdays
In tears and smiles
For a long, long while
Howdy partner, saying “Hi,”
As we traverse this life, you and I


I align my mind
with Mind
Great Mystery’s Mind
I soar like
a great eagle
on the wings of life
Rejoice in today
for all we have 
at the moment
is the moment


Sink into the solitude
lurking behind
a thin veil within
each blessed moment
Peace whispers, “I am here!”
Here now!
Here, here now
Hear now
Hear here now
The thin bell sound of awareness
sings only now
hear here now…