Joy Dance

Discontent stirs the pot
of humdrum day to day
Heats it up somehow
until we boil over
with new joy
• • •
Meanwhile, the stars rise
and set each day
Dancing their joy dance
Whether or not we are
experiencing our storms of life

Greet the Day

In ceremony

the groundhog community

greets the new day

Each rising up

on their haunches

facing the rising sun

and singing the

Greet the Day Song

It is the favorite

ceremony of the day

○ • • • 

Happy mid-winter, everyone!  Spring is on its way.

Conscious Work

A labor of Love

Their deep conversation

Passed gently through

The hours of productive pain

To birth a new understanding

Between them




Old Habits

Returning to the old landscape
the landmarks were familiar

The faces of déjà vous
had not quite the same expression

The paths were worn
but adjusted to new configurations

Old habits die hard
still it’s easiest to tread lightly
on forgotten pathways

As if exploring for the first time
new joys await around the next bend

Hallowed Eyes

Hallowed eyes
grasp me in their grip
telling stories of an old
crisp and dusty nature

Awakening feelings
stale in flesh
and bright in Spirit

Keep me ever in that gaze
Let the shackles slip away
crusted build up soften

And new day dawn
around me
within me…