Bear Herself

Bear Herself

Bear – Herself

Bear bows and dips
Pokes and delights
Ever fierce, passionate
Always loving, alive
Bear bless all
Carrys our prayers

Bear walks with wind
knows the medicine
keeps our secrets
tells our tales
Always dancing awake
Dreaming in the cave

Soul Essence

The sweet, sweet aroma
permeates everything
manna for the soul
Essence of heaven on earth
reminder of the sublime
Grace of nature’s flourish
In any of God’s gardens
The aroma soaks in
through every pore
tickles the subtle body
Softening, softening…

Blessed Rain

And the rains came
when least expected
on the  cusp of a slim chance
– or was it no chance?
Tiny wisps first appeared
on the coattails of a wish and a prayer
beefed up by stormy emotions
they clanged together
The banging ring of pot lids
grew and gathered
‘til hunkered all together
to rain their blessed moisture
and slake the garden’s thirst

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady works best

when slogging through

the mud of Life

(Unless, one has perfected

tiptoeing across the top…)

Muddled and cuddled

by squishy earth and water

the stuff of dreams or nightmares

And, great for the skin

with other immediate benefits

even as it sucks you in

Just when I thought
I was too deep in mud

The water softened
revealing rocks beneath

And, sun above, cheering
cleared my way
slow and steady

And tenacity arrived
at a brighter day

It’s All Beautiful

That one branch there
Is supernaturally lit
By the dawning sun

Glowing as if from within
A softened warm light
All highlights brilliant
How is it the one was selected
by design or happenstance

And is there a difference
Between the two?

Who cares?
It’s beautiful to behold