Near the Line

a while back
with tilted eyes and monikers
whilst tippy toes clod-hopped
she discovered 
quite unobtrusively
that quietly
with no pomp 
the circumstance of near arrival
of a large marking of time
spent judiciously 
on a daily basis
was fast approaching
the fear of success
or the idea of achievement 
hobbled her
almost instantaneously
so much so
that all regular habits
died on the spot
* * *
the roots live
deep and strong
whether near some invisible line
or not
and new sprouts and shoots
are bound to grow
After this post we have 10 more posts to reach 1,000. And each of those days a single effort is all it will take to re-kindle the habit of the Daily Napkin.

What is Bravery?

With butterflies inside
heart up in the throat
She climbed up 4 stories
on steep, slippery shakes
Shaking in her tennis
quaking in her resolve
Still, she stayed to close up 
the peak – the very top
Birds singing all the while
soft breezes blowing in a storm