Beauty Is

Mist covered mountains
eyebrows of the Earth
rise up and dance
Mother rolls her
loving eyes at us
Beauty is…

Hearts Home

Back in the days
when I was young
still in school – still at home
She was there for me
she kept the home
of my aching heart
Holding space for
my dreams to breathe
doing all she could
to keep me safe and free
being the best she could be
Today, this day, I honor her
gratitudes and memories
wrapped in love
Giving thanks with
hugs of thought
tears and smiles entwined

Pulling it All Together

Momma bird gets it
all together
A stick here
a thread there
A bit of fuzz
and loving intent
until the nest is woven
Eggs ensconced
in the patchwork places
for them to hatch
May your thoughts
all pull together