Spontaneously, they ran off to some 

exotic little sun and sand beach,

at coconuts

and played in life 

for the long final act.

I just read an article about Vincent Van Gogh. It told about how his sister-in-law was responsible for making him famous after the two brothers had died. She was able to get people to finally appreciate his work by sharing his letters which told all about what he was feeling and experiencing as he painted his works.

Somehow, that knowledge informed how I put this piece together (e-collage).  Comprised of several of my older pieces, it has the feel of a family reunion of sorts, yet it is a completely new piece. That’s one of the fun things about painting collage on my computer.



There is a mystery

surrounding the question

or its’ origin, its’ destination

and so she sat with the what its

until her head was spinning

yet always 

her heartbeat was steady



“Don’t get snagged for long,” she said.

“On sharp little thoughts aggrieved

or spent on consternations path,

For every pulled thread provides a 

God line, a reminder of our humanity,

and still the weaving, warp and weft,

continues to describe the pattern of our lives.”

I’ve been doing my creative work without posting it (for the most part) for the last several years, because I was working on pulling all of my different websites together into this one. Recently, my husband found another stash of my Daily Napkins which had not yet been published. At the same time, I’ve been wanting to challenge myself to some “daily” creative practice once more. 

A lot of my recent work has involved layering – both directly on a canvas, and digitally with a variety of pieces of different original works. As in this one, I will post pics of the components, if I have time or inclination.