Fragrant Moment

A flower blossoms
but once
yet the plant flowers
many times
Each moment
is a new flower
Take good care of the plant
water it, nurture it
and bask in Spirit’s 
sweet aroma
blossoming each moment


Lift your heart
and you lift the hearts
of all those around you
Dare to be you!
Savor the flavor
of your spin
on the moment
It is your essence
and it is tasty

Full Bucket

Fill your being
Like a bucket at the well
Every moment
You remember
Every day, every day
Peace, joy, bliss…
Drink it all in

Unique Design

We each wear a beaded belt
of unique and shifting design
Every moment of our lives
 a different shade
a hue of emotions
each cast 
as a light-glittered glass bead
The unique beauty of you