What Do You Say?

“Embrace the impossible,”
was all that she said

Yet like a digging vole
it got ensconced within his head

So blessings came and went

and miracles happened when knees bent

Life stretched to encompass
experience rich and deep
whenever ideas and actions

like a fine cup of tea steeped

• • •

One word, two, or maybe, three

can change the world, and do
every day, all the time

So, what do you say?

Overtaken by Awe

Unabashedly awestruck
overtaken by the sense of wonder
filled with joyous heart connection
washed in Spirit’s spa
God works “miracles” everyday
It’s a strong and tender occupation
 riding the flow of guidance
instilled with grace at surrender
struck up by God’s will, not mine

Moment’s Flow

Miracles abound
when my heart is open
As, I embrace the flow
of this moment
a fountain of Spirit
rises up to celebrate
this very moment