Enjoy the Ride

Recently, as well as specific times
in far and quickly past
the day gets caught in the flow
Rapids tumbling or steady strong stream
it doesn’t matter which or what
Like passengers on the roller coaster
arms raised as high as eyebrows
with grins as wide as all that
thrill flows through the gut
And all along the way – miracles
happenstance and chance meetings
connections with fellow travellers
bumping up against logs of resistance

I’m here, alive, and enjoying the ride…

Miracle of Life

Everyone of us
starts off in life
with at least two miracles
under our belt

Two and counting

Every day after that
that we continue to breathe
is another miracle

May today and everyday
here on out be miraculous
beyond your sweetest dreams

Celebrate the miracle of you…

Free Flow

Every moment
is a miracle

Breath in
the free flow of Spirit
bringing miraculous life
into and out of existence

Breathe out
allow yourself to rest
in the cradle of life
the moment of peace

Today, I breathe Life…

Alchemical Soup

Mesmerized by belief
yet flying on fledgling wings
in alchemist’s soup

The Truth – the Light shone forth
in brilliant anticipation
of faithful flight

Propped by miracles
life’s appearance magical

Then every moment
unfolds with great aplomb
Or not…


Sensing the ruffled edge
of something far bigger than the ego
And suspecting that it bore witness
to even greater possibilities
He surrendered with a nod
to the flow of the process
as it unfolded
Miracles ensued…