Life’s Memorial

Memories stacked
pearls and gems

Stones and clods
all jumbled together

To pick and sort—
the work of the elder

String necklaces of beauty
rich and deep
plant daisies in the fodder

Smell Awakens

She had a smell history
with built in buttons
for convenience and automation
Fresh bread baking
speaks to her of comfort and family
Fresh cut grass awakens
watermelon juice dripping
down the chin on hot summer day
Other’s trigger memories
or attitudes or untouched feelings
She is not controlled by her history
and she is enriched by it

Now from Then

The bones remember
ancestors habit and pattern
proclivity and appetence
The heart recalls
yesterday’s yearning
while beckoned today
divine challenge
The mind turns and weaves
in silent interpretation
ever appraising the moment
now, past, or future
Aligned as one