Once there was a story
a lovely, engaging little yarn
filled with drama
sadness and happiness
stress and peace
The retelling of this archival tale 
jogged memories
provoked feelings
held me hostage to the past

Until one day
and spiffed up 
I let it go
I forgot it…

Waves of Emotion

Riding on the lovely wave
which arises from the depths
We came to the shore
of understanding
Steeped in exhilaration
and vague memories
of turbulent tumbles of the past
• • •
Still, I observe,
waves of emotion
never stop

Tea Cup

A delicate, even dainty, tea cup
beautiful old style china
with a tiny chip on the lip

Sits on the glass shelf
on display in plain view

Inside a road map
drawn in brown-tiny cracks
and pits and stains
from years of daily use

Navigation through terrain
of heart and tears,
laughter and dreams

A treasure on the shelf of my memories