Sink into the solitude
lurking behind
a thin veil within
each blessed moment
Peace whispers, “I am here!”
Here now!
Here, here now
Hear now
Hear here now
The thin bell sound of awareness
sings only now
hear here now…

Shores of Awareness

The crowd gathered murmuring
A cacophony of incessant cicadas
Washing the shores of awareness
Caressing thoughts like pebbles
On the wet sand

*  *  *  *

Eyes closed, body eased
Seeking solace, silence
On the busy shore
And there – amidst  –
One eternal moment of peace

A Lightening

She went there to contemplate
and heal her aching longing
to the grove of inspiration
where nimble squirrels played
A world of responsibility and ignorance
Pressed upon sagging shoulders
As she entered the dappled space
sitting amongst the flowers and butterflies
like some Grade B children’s movie
With stern determination
To be light and playful
With her sword of honest reflection
The dichotomy of intentions
Balloons weighted
Until  a cutting of the strings
With focus and whispers
From the Eternity of the moment

Pre-Dawn Night

In the early morning hours
before dawn has spread her light
when clock’s ticking is so loud
and the night’s dreams still are bright
There I stop to breathe and think
fill my cup with Spirit’s might
cells lapping up the nectar
a gift of grace – delight
Reflecting life on life in life
I am but a speck of sparkling white
as I polish up for shining
in the dark of pre-dawn night
I shed the cloak of dreadful dreaming
encrusted with its simple frights
to lie de-clawed and transformed
into blessings in my sight
Peace of Prosperity

Peace of Prosperity

Day 1

I’ve been working on prosperity for quite some while. There’s the old conundrum of needing money and time to do my art, and needing to do my art to experience money and time. Melissa Dinwiddie sent out a notice of this program that she is part of called “Peace of Prosperity”. I checked it out today, and it just struck my tickle-bone. I loved the first mini workshop by Jamie Ridler and spontaneously planned to participate by adding my comments here on my blog.  Who knows? Perhaps it will get me back in the habit of making entries here more often (a personal goal of mine).

In Jamie’s workshop, I visualized money. I was really surprised to see this image of a money-green statue of liberty. She was quite playful and dynamic. This was different from anytime I’ve done anything similiar in the past.

The Questions

1. What is your request of money?  

I asked money to play with me, to joyously dance and bless me. It was interesting. At first, Money did not notice me, did not even hear me when I addressed her directly. I had to shake her on the shoulder to get her attention in order to ask her the second question. I’m realizing as I type this that I did not insist on Money listening to my request of Money. I do believe I will re-connect and repeat my request.

2. What is money’s request of you?

Once I got Money’s attention, and asked for her request of me, she was quite clear. She said, “You have to appear brighter. What I mean is, you need to be ALL of you, fully authentic, and expressive of your true nature, if you want me to notice you. I’m not interested if you are going to hide in a mousy way. “


That statement got my attention. Within the hour, I was nudged by Spirit through a couple friendly encounters, to make some changes in the way I have been beginning my days.  I needed to have a conversation with my husband/partner  and state my intentions to take back my mornings. I do so enjoy our meditation time together, and we are going to return to it. I intend to fulfill Money’s request of me, and look forward to Money fulfilling mine of her.