Magical Spirit

Once, when he was young
The day slipped by slowly
Languishing in the corners
His young spirit
Fed by fanciful things
Magic permeated
His being then
The absolute magic
Of simply being alive…

Heaven’s Heart

I woke up this very morning
with a smile playing across my face
and a song singing
in my heart of hearts
While the melody of Spirit
plays within me
in this very moment
magic occurs, birds fly
And the stars burn
with fervent passion for life
ever renewed, quickening
in the heavens

Funny Truth?

Isn’t it funny
how our minds think
we can do magic?
How we think
we can bend time
or travel instantaneously?
The even funnier part
is that we really can —
When we realize the truth
of our perceptions and being

Natural Alchemy

a pebble in the shallow water
enough to fill to overflow
a drop of magic elixir
the basis of life in physical form
nature’s alchemical formula
with a pebble for your thoughts
you anoint your future, your days…
a string of golden beads
from the past of black and white
may you know your golden nature

may you lead a golden life

Wizard of Love

The wizardry of love
Heals the sadness of heart
Balms the painful spots
Of life’s machinations
• • •
Like a wizard
he stood on the precipice
arms akimbo
the wildness of his eyes
like electricity
through his hair
Alive! With love’s fire…!