Spirit Fuel

The lizard clings
to the warm rock
Basking in the love
and warmth of Sky Father
Gathering speed to jet away
Spirit fuel is much
like rocket fuel…

Lizard Dreams

Lizard puffed up in the grass
tried to look like a snake
On the rock, he stood still
-“freeze and they won’t see me”-
until we got too close
Then, he resembled a twig
in the strong wind
as he whizzed away
Survival looks many ways
when you’re small
Still, you can always grow a new tail
a new appendage of healing
Lizard dreams while sunning
while sunning on a nice warm, flat rock
Sun in Bones

Sun in Bones

Sun is in my bones

happiness is my heart’s name
on foggy morning
Last summer on rock
like cold blooded lizard sunned
welcomed sun in bones
Two haikus ’bout bones
summer residing in them
warm rocks are my friends
Alligator Lizard

Alligator Lizard

A visitor in my garden
the lizard appeared on the wall
just sunning and all
and getting a drink near the hose
Alligator lizards
tiptoe-ing through my consciousness
holding still for eternity

In each moment between
holding still in all brilliance

Thinking lizard thoughts
and warm…