Luxuriousness of Time

A luxuriousness of time
laid out before me
like a velvet field of daisies
Lazing about innocuously
observing ants or clouds
Tickling my own cheek
sending prickly down
of blessed dandelion
on its merry quest
Highlight of an ending note
quenched by icy fresh lemonade


Though inspired in the moment
her words sounded well thought out
•  •  •
I invite you to invest yourself
in an opportunity to co-create
conscious community
By engaging:
in this activity
in this group
in this moment
in your true passion
in Life!!!
Investing… NOW!


*Special Note: Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. 
What a blessing for the both of us.  We’re very grateful!*
Three is stable
a building block
a triangle
The wholly trinity
you, me, and Spirit
• • • 
Those lips
oh those lips
Oohed out
in a super pucker
Remind me of
how precious
this very moment is…
• • • 
I appreciate you
with all of my being
Your spirit
your foibles
your gold
your shadow
All of you!

Riding the Stream

She was putzing
floating on the moment
from this project to that
Riding her stream of consciousness
the alarm rang
Wow — there was
a lot accomplished

Point of Power

The point of light
that spark resting
between your eyebrows
Sheds understanding
like water off a duck’s back
given any room to shake
The point is…
(the Point of Power that is)