Here and Now

most sneezes
bring one into
the here and now
whether held back
to a squeaky implosion
or allowed
full and juicy 
a full experience,
a sneeze
Ah-Ahhh- Ahhchoooooie!!!


Though inspired in the moment
her words sounded well thought out
•  •  •
I invite you to invest yourself
in an opportunity to co-create
conscious community
By engaging:
in this activity
in this group
in this moment
in your true passion
in Life!!!
Investing… NOW!

They Wait

Farther then the eyes can see
up beyond that big bend
they wait:
Surprises, miracles
Challenges, inspirations
New friends, old voices
Dyings and blossomings
Our choice:
Run, skip, snail’s pace
tumble, walk, speed

or transported by tornado