Loquacious Child

Loquacious Child

Even in the most complicated
where multiple considerations
intertwine into complexities
yet undetermined
whether beauteous or mundane
every present still
the loquacious child
babbling on incessantly
making sense of all
speaking only as a means of safe
protection from the dangerous 
silence puffered up
lurkers tip-toe like prancing 
rhinos or clogging clowns
who cares the well place metaphor
when gusts the saddened face
when bottoms fall out like anchors
from in that unsafe place
tell me, did I land on sacred ground?
And so, and so my cranium grates
in grateful pleasant
saturated with sweetness
and a slight taste of bitter
yet and still but not so much
in all that destiny



When walking with aplomb
or skipping just for fun
you can know you are the one
just ambulating along
Still, what if on a train
or flying in a plane?
I’m just trying to explain
the theory’s still not wrong
Muscles, bones, and feet
your own mind and physical feats
even when jet fuel or diesel meet
by your own choice you move along

as Life keeps moving on…
Cherry Spring

Cherry Spring

Cheery before Cherry

I got to go to an event in the bay area this last weekend with a group of friends. This tree was singing to me! Lovely, lovely, lovely!  I was reminded of this poem I posted on the Daily Napkin a couple years ago. As always, I revised it a bit to fit. The many layers of texture in this photo are subtle. I especially enjoy building up layers in a subtle way.

 One of the side benefits of doing the image a day this year, is that I am creating a whole line of images for my Serenity Cards. I’ve been making them large enough and high enough resolution that they are appropriate for high quality printing.  It’s two ways to invest in myself – both my creative self and my business self.


Playing with the light
tossing it from hand to hand

His aura glowing from the
increased energy of the effort

He came to the momentary conclusion
that this was much better

Than the simple
juggling of Life…