Honoring you for your work
the day to day nose to it
and way more
with a cherry on top (not maraschino)
The pulling, the seeping
The trudging, the weeping
The smiling, the joy work
Involving the unfolding
Allowing bigger
Discovering lighter
Enabling growth
Honoring you and me
and all of us…

Next Layer

What does it take to jump
over the flame of understanding?
Leaping through fear
landing in the opportunity
of self-reflection and worth
Whatever it takes
the value is intrinsic
The worth was always there
Merely the compelling argument
or rough joyous impulse
deliver us to our newest redemption
The next layer of the adventure…

Following Joy

Positively fascinating!
The way life works
when one follows the joy
Sliding down the dry grassy hill
on carriages of cardboard
Climbing up the swaying tree
until hair and leaves are one
Diving in the clear, still pond
near the wide sunning rock
So many ways to follow joy
So many ways life just works!