Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine
was all growed up and everything
Living in the back washes
of the carnival/rodeo thingy
she’d been there for years
most of her life, it seemed
Herded there by a cloudy character
of undefined purposes
in a nefarious attempt
to cloud her light
She couldn’t help it
shine is what she was
and shine is what she did


The river flows…
That is its purpose
Even dammed up,
The river will try to flow
Until it once again does
There is no stopping us
From  living our purpose in life

Do Be, Do Be, Do…

Did you ever notice…
how it is, that what you do
is exactly, exactly what is needed
when you are doing from your being
when you are being and doing flows
Let it go, relax, and be
and as you do you’ll see
The world has waited so long
for you to be and do
with all your heart, all your being