Wisdom Waken

Wisdom Waken

A crack in the world
letting the light arrive
awakening mystery
amidst normal day to day
shadow felled in one swoop
one breaking open
on dawning
tell me more with lively
let the wisdom waken
colors dancing on the tip
awareness ogled sweetly
glowering harrumphs
glowingly once more
on the path to never said it
in the age of mellowness
there the hints of other
profiles rise to firmament
through mud’s disguise


Fabric of Life

It used to be in days of yore
or yesterday, by my count
You could cut the fabric of life
in two ways, typical straight
or zigzag –  to prevent fraying
Until fancy craft scissors
came along in plastic tubs
Made in China
• • •
She was cut from a different cloth
some edges ripped or torn along the way
some cut with fancy scissors curlicued
while others frayed
Wrinkled in time
yet, time itself cut straight through
leaving her meanderings in but a moment
Her days spent as they started
gone before they blossomed


A spot of ink ©
spreads out in to a splotch
If/when one hesitates
even a bit too long
For if one stumbles
on the way/the path
The stuff of life keeps flowing
whether we resist or not…

Souls Path

The spiral of
our Soul’s path
Takes us ever
nearer the center
The One,
the all we never left
Meanwhile, even in Cucamonga
life is only experienced
one moment at a time
So, live it up, my friends


The path meandered
around this fountain
up over the footbridge
down by the huge oak
in the valley
He was always taking shortcuts
getting caught in the brambles
slipping on the rocky slope
One day, he just stuck to the path
Ah, what a peaceful experience…