Bunch of Hooey

A bunch of hooey!
(but not on my shooey)
Just throwing it around
as he relished the sound
of his own voice
All for the fun of it
like the Stooges woo-wooed it
or Laurel and Hardy danced it
when the camera was around
A lark in the park
or a laugh in the dark…
It all keeps us saying

Buddy Fun

Me and my best buddy
are easily entertained
It doesn’t take much
for the Muse to strike us
with ideas – two- four or many
Flinging epiphanies
singing new songs
giggling at each other
Oh, my!  It’s so much fun!

In All Seriousness

Back in the routine
Of day to day today
As the waters rise
And the bottom falls out
And all the little fairies
And angels tap dance
On the head of a pin
And here I am
Again and again
Laughing to myself
At my self
And my silly seriousness

Joke Bubbles

welling up like the laugh
after a slow joke 
bubbles up from my center
A never ending artesian well
from Spirit…

Joyous Outburst

Full-body engaged
Tears trickling
In a little stream
Over pinkened cheeks
His joyous outburst
Overcame his countenance
And seeped into his bones
As heightened assurance

That  Spirit had a sense of humor