Juicy Day

Was a peach
A tasty peach was he

Rich and ripe
And full of
Luscious juice

May your day
Be absolutely juicy!

Let it drip down your chin!


Savor the juicy tomato moments
And the memory of such savorosity
It tickles the parched palate
of more sparse times
We have been savoring the moments around Marshal’s big birthday. Now, we are back into the regular routine. 

Sweet Abandon

A big juicy peach
perched in the nest
of more plebian fruit

Ready for take off
ready to explode
on the tastebuds
with sweet abandon

Revealing its beauty
in sweet rivulets
down her cheek


Slapstick Comedy

As one funny person
to another

Have you ever noticed
how much like a slapstick comedy
life can be?

Just step back a notch
and observe…

Wow!  Now that’s comedy!

Tasty Day

All the day was yummy!
Every little moment
chock-full of experiences
and thoughts
He savored the
multitude of flavors
Yum! Tasty day!