Wild Abandon

Like Gypsies
they danced
with wild abandon
Seeking nothing
finding joyous
sweet expression
A doorway
to inner peace…

Soul Food

Once through the knothole
the Sun shines brighter
the bird song is sweeter
The grass is greener
in my own yard
and all around
Like squirrel munching
on the fading magnolia blossoms
I’m dining on the soul food
The blossoms of my own new history
soaking up renewed light
awakened in the joyous heart


Spontaneous inspiration overtook
the overlooked corners of our psyche
awakening the inner jukebox
There’s a lightness to the step
of the person who is kept
on toes of celebration
of joyous conversation


Ta Da!

Ta Da!
Today’s to do’s
are done, are done
And all the thinking throughs
have come and gone
And now what’s left
amongst the tailings
is fun, is fun
Twinkle-dee –doo
it’s some, it’s some
Big joyous experience
All One, all One…

Infinite Grace

Singing the glory
of all that life is
Dancing the body
in time to the heartbeat
All is part of infinite Grace
• • •
May your day be filled
with pleasant surprises
sprinkled with joyous encounters
 and punctuated with sweet
moments of peace