Grounded, Still Reaching for the Stars

Grounded – Still Reaching for the Stars

Plunked down to Earth
another one due to angel school

Ever energized and fed
cosmic energies flowing through

Joy response in the heart bubbles
up as circumspect as driblets do

No hesitancy detected nor intended
still reaching for the stars as they flew

Grounded each fiber of self rooted
through Earth to return as shiny beings anew 

The Journey

The Journey

The Journey
You may find exhilarating storms of hope
placid lakes of indifference
and rushing streams of joy
still throughout your intrepid journey
the constant thread stitches all
together in the heart
New Habit

New Habit

As you embark
On the journey
Of new habit
May the road
Of intentions
Prove smooth and joyous
May the unfamiliar pattern
become extraordinarily
ordinary with ease and grace
Enter Here

Enter Here

Enter here your path
the path of life 
of your choice
The gateway an open door
always open
always changing
Make your choosing
while alive
while awake
conscious and aware
Joy it is 
that walks the path
Joy it is 
the destination


Field or Shelter

Our greatest happiness
in the field of possibility
rather than the
shelter of certainty
I am certain of
my love of Spirit
and joyous about
the possibilities of life…