Sequoia Dreamtime

Sequoia Dreamtime

Ancient massive trunks 
towering up to the sky
In your own dreamtime
of centuries passing
While temporal flashes 
of color and movement
from noisy two-leggeds 
and skittering chipmunks 
circulate around your roots
And ravens wing through the air overhead
I smell the subtle incense of your bark
as it glows reddish gold 
in the afternoon sunlight
And gaze up at all the unspoken mysteries
I will never know
May your roots be
ever wild and free, grandfathers,
as you reach for the stars of the cosmos…
–Marshal McKitrick
Image – Dena McKitrick

Time’s Illusion

Across the world
in the curl of a smile
eyes crinkled and engaged
Sagas sung as ragas
going on for ages like bronze
or other forensic terms
pass by in the single beat of a butterfly wing
That which separates the space between us
is the same 
as that which supports the illusion
of ever marching time
As I enter the mythical maze
with a smiling ticket
and a pocket full of incongruities
synapses occur


yellow drifters flit and glide
rising all around us
like powdered earth
poofing warm around bare toes
wafting clouds of fertile dirt
air close and fragrant rich
• • •
meadow embraces
puffy clouds peek
expansive sky

Precious Weave

An old yarn dyed and tied
in knots anew
knitted brow expressing
heights and dips, ins and outs
The fabric of our lives
intertwined threads
laughter and friendship, sadness and joy
woven together in patterned colors
You are precious to the weave of my life
without you, the cloth would be
weaker, less intricate
With you woven in
my colors are complemented


Central to the essence
of the One thing
on the tip of the mind
Was the fire and water
and other elements

• • •

No way around it
(may as well walk through)
It’s all a part of and
connected anyway