New Habit

New Habit

As you embark
On the journey
Of new habit
May the road
Of intentions
Prove smooth and joyous
May the unfamiliar pattern
become extraordinarily
ordinary with ease and grace

New Habits

As you embark
on the journey
of new habit
May the road
of intentions
prove smooth and joyous
I yearn
like the heart
of Great Spirit yearns
for Joy…

Perennial Intentions

Like weeds, the new intentions
sprouted and bolted up
thirsting for the light
And in the drought
of daily humdrum browned
laid over fallow
Chewed and turned
visited by critters
of the Earth
new fodder
for a new crop of intentions
Cultivated, watered, cared for
richer, slower growing

Planned Intention

There is balance and peace
in each moment spent aware
in that moment
Stepping along the planned path
of your intention
It is another good day to be alive…

Wishing Well

There is a wishing well
in my sacred garden
that hidden place
where only I tarry

It’s near the swing
in the glen
near the tinkling voice
of the brook

Sometimes, I forget to toss in
trinkets of value
and wishes brightly

And, yet, when I do
life’s magic prevails