There were many
durative superlatives
that she could apply
to his description
Yet, the stunning part
of him to her
was his essence of Love

A Foundation of Integrity

A promise kept, even to oneself
like steel girders
a strong skeleton makes
With flesh of love
and sinew of courage
how far a trek one can make
Traversing any sullen landscape
with passionate heart
and sustained encouragement
in perpetual motion


Body, mind, and soul
How I wish to be made whole
As I’m centered in the truth
Seeking the highest good
Shadow and gold, black and white
Masculine and Feminine
Happy and joyous, angry and fearful
all together, integrated, I am

Being True

He wore his mask
with pride and courage
Hiding behind
his true face
And dancing
with the Wild Spirits
Ah, the joy and freedom

of being true!

Tip of the Iceberg

Overt admiration
bubbles up in the countenances
of those around him

Yet only the tip of the iceberg evidence
of the high regard
in which he is truly held