Moondancer – Dancing with the Moon

Moondancer – Dancing with the Moon



Standing in the pristine land
moondancer dances
where incessant nurturing

waves of grass
were cuddled by wakened sky

The sun and the moon
strove to attain equal status
A shift in her consciousness
just happened
she instantly knew how
to listen with new ears
and dance with the moon
on feet held up by dreams
• • • •

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• • • •

Artist Notes

MoonDancer is an initial transitional piece, created as I moved in my media choices from watercolor and prismacolor pencils on paper, through watercolor and prismacolor pencil on watercolor ground on canvas, into transparent liquid acrylics and Blick pencils direct on canvas.

I used the Golden absorbent ground on a recycled canvas. I was just starting to play with different grounds at this point. Meanwhile, I was using the same watercolor techniques that I have developed over the years.

I drew the initial sketch for MoonDancer in less than 2 minutes, loosely with the paint brush. Light-hearted, whimsical and joyous – this is what I was feeling as I painted.

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