Bear Herself

Bear Herself

Bear – Herself

Bear bows and dips
Pokes and delights
Ever fierce, passionate
Always loving, alive
Bear bless all
Carrys our prayers

Bear walks with wind
knows the medicine
keeps our secrets
tells our tales
Always dancing awake
Dreaming in the cave

Peace Eternal

Through the twittering green
the sky flickers turquoise
Lying back, feet rise
and the whispering silence
sneaks up suddenly
cradled by the close support
Floating, floating
in a peace eternal
Into an eddy
where the frogs emerge
onto wild shore

Seeds of Choice

They didn’t plant anything
yet the trees and wind and squirrels did

And up came the odd plant
and hundreds of sproutlings
in Spring after the rains


They planned and prepared
and planted seeds of choice

Drawing patterns of beauty
which made sense to them
and after Spring’s drizzles
and energetic doustings

Plants bearing promises
of sustenance and inspiration
burst forth to grow from fertile ground

Beauteous Feast

Sometimes once….
Just isn’t good enough

As beauteous and wonderful
as it may well be

Or, perhaps, it reflects
lavish playfulness

Either way
the multitude of birds
in the almond trees…
or the blanket of daffodils
on the side of the road…

Feasts for my eyes
and heart with awe

Falling on Tasty Color

Made of overt color
capable of startling nourishment
through the retina

Banging on the door
of ability to perceive
It literally rocked stable concepts
with inexplicable aplomb
and a spattering of stutters
in shades of gray

Fed until staggering
by colors and hues
so vibrant, so thick

The taste of them
makes my cheeks curl

Ah, abundance of Autumn!