Others may spot
a vein of your gold
AND it is up to you
to work your own mine
• • • 
Meanwhile, your Spirit shines
when you least expect
Innocence peeking
from twinkly eyes…

Child’s Imagination

A child with great imagination
stood at the brink of insight

With a smile upon her face
eyes of wonder and mystery
softened even the toughest heart
As fantastic stories of epic proportion
flowed from her mind
tickling her lips on arrival

Childish Hearts

all mumbly was my memory
with sparkly spots
here and there
‘til in dream awoke
bright and shiny
warm and pleasant summer day

and you and I
with childish hearts
hunkered down
on plastic ride toys
and raced on giggles

‘til falling over with glee

Little Bird

Little Bird

Stones of Change header
Little Bird

Little Bird

Little bird sits in the South East quadrant of my circle. Little birds naturally sing joyously all day long for the pure joy of it, in full bodied gratitude for the gift of life.

Rejoicing in life fully, little bird blesses us with the song of Spirit.  Any other stones landing near Little Bird are somehow attached to your joy and your gratitude.

This is a conscious practice, and the involvement of this stone in your reading means that you are working consciously to appreciate your gifts in life, and to experience true joy.

Opportunity for Blessing

Opportunity for Blessing

The little Buddha sat there on the edge of samadhi in her baby carrier thingy  Blessing us with  the opportunity for darshan  and enlightenment  Handing out contact high like candy with her countenance...
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