Thrill of Knowing

So, it’s all alive
juicy, energetic, expressive
Every atom, every bug,
every four-legged, my cousins
the planet, Auntie Moon, the galaxy…
Can you feel the thrill of that knowing
in your spine?

Child’s Imagination

A child with great imagination
stood at the brink of insight

With a smile upon her face
eyes of wonder and mystery
softened even the toughest heart
As fantastic stories of epic proportion
flowed from her mind
tickling her lips on arrival

Stepping Into Alive

The choice arises new each day
between the busy and sleepy eyes
amid sullied plans of yesterday
and expectant visions of tomorrow

Nestled softly among decisions plenty
disguised as a subtle choice with no face
the either/or of it lost to better minds
so it is oftimes overlooked

Sometimes gratitude or love
will produce response – awakening awareness

In that moment choice is made
as a gentle shifting of the heart
a quickening of the spirits dance
whereupon a stepping into alive
brightens the countenance