Riding the Stream

She was putzing
floating on the moment
from this project to that
Riding her stream of consciousness
the alarm rang
Wow — there was
a lot accomplished

New Tune

Intricate patterns
precise with color
scattered in
the same fashion
As chromosomes
or pinecones
willy nilly and exacting
•  •  •
Just as metal shavings
will dance in particular formation
to the tones of the celestial choir
So do the fibers of my life
align in a choreographed jig
to the vocal tones of my thoughts
Time to play a new tune!


A spot of ink ©
spreads out in to a splotch
If/when one hesitates
even a bit too long
For if one stumbles
on the way/the path
The stuff of life keeps flowing
whether we resist or not…

Enjoy the Ride

Recently, as well as specific times
in far and quickly past
the day gets caught in the flow
Rapids tumbling or steady strong stream
it doesn’t matter which or what
Like passengers on the roller coaster
arms raised as high as eyebrows
with grins as wide as all that
thrill flows through the gut
And all along the way – miracles
happenstance and chance meetings
connections with fellow travellers
bumping up against logs of resistance

I’m here, alive, and enjoying the ride…

Merrily we Flow Along

Thwarted, shorted,
snagged, and tripped

He finally got the idea
“Gee, maybe I’m
fighting the flow”

So, he let go, surrendered
and rode the current.

“Ah, yes!”

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…