Time’s Illusion

Across the world
in the curl of a smile
eyes crinkled and engaged
Sagas sung as ragas
going on for ages like bronze
or other forensic terms
pass by in the single beat of a butterfly wing
That which separates the space between us
is the same 
as that which supports the illusion
of ever marching time
As I enter the mythical maze
with a smiling ticket
and a pocket full of incongruities
synapses occur

Invented Shadows

Even in this world
of illusion
Where we invented shadow
for density’s sake
Sunlight dances
through the leaves
And warms my

tear-moistened cheek

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love
Unconditional love
Comes from up above
and it fits like a glove
We are surrounded
swimming in a sea
of unconditional love
We’ve only made up
this illusionary game
of separateness

so we can rediscover

the unconditional love

Once again

Lotus Petals

Little abalone lotus
teaches me about life
“Aah – Baloney!” it says
when faced with illusion
Still, the lotus is lovely
the many petals reflecting
all the colors of creation


Real rainbows race
across the sky ethereal
Raucous ravens raise
the sky roof on wings
and peck through
illusion with beaks
of gold