Points of Light

He had his way of doing
and she had hers
Like stars in the night
there were points of light
where both ways intermingled
Tolerance and love
solved the rest
except those few that required

a good dose of humor


Ever think what a strange word that is?
Pumpkin on the step
Pumpkin on the table
Pumpkin in a cookie
Pumpkin in a pie
But, not pumpkin
In my eye, please
And, no pumpkin mask
‘cause all that icky, hairy stuff and smell


Sense of Humor

One thing they always
seemed to remember
Even when caught up in
the busy-ness of their day
Was to express their
Joyous sense of humor
in some amusing way

Joyous Outburst

Full-body engaged
Tears trickling
In a little stream
Over pinkened cheeks
His joyous outburst
Overcame his countenance
And seeped into his bones
As heightened assurance

That  Spirit had a sense of humor

The Boss of My Brain

I love this song. It wakes up my inner voices, and helps me remember the truth about my life. It reminds me who really makes all of my decisions – ownership of my actions is a good thing.